Family Values (Take 2)?

The American Family ASSociation is at it again, this time boycotting Ford Motors Co. because Ford started to advertise in gay publications again.

Do these bozos just sit around and ponder, "Hmmm, who should we boycott next? How about Christian-unfriendly corporations like Target? How about gay-friendly businesses like Ford or Apple? Why not Rap artists? Oh, there are so many people we could boycott, we can't conceal the delight in our value-oriented tender hearts."

If this is American family value, count me out.

If I were Ford, I'd say, Good fucking riddance.


emeraldcite said…
I'm not a religious man, but I think I may know more about the bible than these hate-mongers.

It is very sad. I think Jesus really wanted people to get along no matter what, not hate them.

But, maybe I'm wrong...

Maybe, I misinterpreted the golden rule.
Suzanne said…
Well, the thing is, it seems to me it's not about religion, it's about power over others, which Christ was never about.

And Ray, I don't think you should beat around the bush. Just come right out and say it. LOL!! I'm just glad your post wasn't in 3-D. I would need my safety goggles to read it! It's always good to read your straightforward, pithy comments.

(Ray, is it it's or its? I forget)
Unique said…
Ray -

You give too much care to what these weirdos think - the so-called american family ass association.

I'm a Christian, and believe me when I tell you - they DON'T speak for me.

Christianity is not a club that only the rich, white kids get to join...oh, yeah, and the Republicans - they don't have a monopoly either.

uh oh - I hear a knock at the door...
Ray Wong said…
LOL. There was a time when I wouldn't want to say anything because I didn't what others to think badly of me for my opinions (and trust me, sometimes my opinions are not highly popular) but darn, why am I living in America if I can't speak my mind? I also know the AFA does not speak for all Christians -- I have met many Christians who are living proof of the love and compassion Jesus spoke of. I guess in a way, I just can NOT stand those who call themselves Christians and use their faith for hate-mongering. I went to Bible school when I was a kid, too, and I never learned anything about hating thy neighbors and boycott the crap out of them. The hypocrisy just grates me.

Thanks for the comments! When I become a famous author this blog is going to come back and haunt me.

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