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Mourn for the twilight, as the sun has risen
shining its light on the waking earth
Be still
With each breath, I take in the scents
of a world so frail
of silence and beauty
of death and sorrow
to be laid side by side
with my forgiving heart
For each second and breath
remind me of the days yet to dawn

© 2005 Raymond K. Wong

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Unique said…
That's a beautiful picture, Ray. It makes me want to stand there and wiggle my toes in the green, green grass.

(It looks warmer than here and my toes are cold.) :)
Ray Wong said…
It was warmer there, because it was taken in the Fall! :)
Why does that look like it's the back nine on a golf course? ;) Very nice scene, Ray.
Ray Wong said…
LOL. Actually, it's the North Park, but not the golf course. It's actually right off the goose trail... I had to step over goose poop to take this picture. LOL.
Suzanne said…
The poem is beautiful, Ray! I love it.
Ray Wong said…
Hi Susie! Thanks! I'm no poet, but sometimes when the mood strikes...

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