Family values?

Is "boycott" a family value? Arguably. It depends on what we're boycotting against, I suppose. Boycotting Company X because they operate sweat shops full of child laborers? Yes. But boycotting Target because they wish their customers "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas?" Give me a break.

I'm usually not a hostile or mean person, but I have to say, The American Family Association is a bunch of self-disillusioned, self-righteous, idiotic ****** (it rhymes with "bricks"). Their motto is "we promote traditional family values." Whose?

Chances are, if Jesus were alive today, he would smite those bastards.

And I can't believe I'm here defending Mr. George W. Bush. Seems like the AFA are not pleased with Mr. Bush because in his annual holiday cards he did not say "Merry Christmas," but "Season's Greetings" instead. Phooey, Mr. President. Have you abandoned your faith? Have you deserted your fellow Christians? Have you forgotten to drink your Kool-Aid this morning?

Give the guy a break. He is the President of the United States, a country made up of all races and creeds, people of all religions; not to mention the cards go to heads of state from other countries who don't share the Christian faith. I for one celebrate Christmas even though I'm not religious, but I sure don't mind if others (Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists...) simply wish me "Happy Holidays."

Whatever happened to compassion and good will to men? Where is the holiday spirit?

I'm now convinced that the AFA is really a bunch of whining babies. And whatever small sliver or crumb of respect I have (I had to look between the cushions of my couch) for them is now gone. Bye bye. Poof.

And Mr. President, Happy Holidays to you, too.


Dawno said…
Well said. I used to really respect Dr. Dobson. *sigh* I don't know if it's me that has changed or him.

What I resent is being told I *can't* say Merry Christmas - it's not particularly 'religious' of me, either. I celebrate Christmas, my wish for you is that you to have a merry day on December 25th whether or not you celebrate it - I just want to share the joy! But I do try to be respectful of people and if I suspect you might be tetchy about it I'll say Happy Holidays as well.

Good post Ray. Feliz Navidad :-)
paintbrushpoet said…
I feel like Scrooge this year. Actually any day I don't have to work my day job is a merry day. Part of my neg this year is because of the war. We don't really want to go there do we? Just say I am pi**ed about it. Oh, back to the topic...let's leave the Christ in Christmas, otherwise why have it?
Ray Wong said…
Yeah, with the war going on, and the economy and all that, we need good holiday cheers. Why obsess over if Target wants to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"? It boggles the mind... If they're so in tuned with American values, then do something more productive -- like help the homeless children! Do you know there are millions of children in this country alone who have no homes? Heartbreaking..
Unique said…
They didn't p*** you off or anything, did they, Ray?
emeraldcite said…
I don't know why we Americans just don't give up and make Christianity the ruling party. It works so well for other countries to mix religion and politics...

right guys?


hey, where did everybody go?
Ray Wong said…
Matt, what are you saying? I thought Christianity is the ruling party. :)

I am going to so regret that comment...

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