It Is Looking A Lot Like Christmas...

Today is Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy whatever-your-heart-desires. It's a day for joy, family, and personal reflection. It also means there's only one more week to go before we say goodbye to 2005.

It's time for me to post my New Year's resolutions. In the last two years, almost every one of my resolutions came to fruitation. So, in many ways, I have to say that 2004 and 2005 have been great years for me. In 2004, I found a publisher. And in 2005, the book went through the publishing process and I finally got to hold the book (galleys and ARCs) in my oily, sweaty hands. It's a personal triumph, even though there were times when I told myself, "Is that it? All that hard work comes down to this little book that costs a few bucks to make and buy, then toss into the recycle bin?"

Of course it's more than that. This whole blog (and its sister blog, Road to Publication) came to be for one reason -- my odyssey to becoming a published novelist. I need to remind myself, and give myself a pat on the back, for achieving that goal in less time than I allowed myself. I have to stop telling myself, "Yeah, yeah, but it's not Random House or St. Martin's." There are many roads to success. I do understand that because I'm with a small press, there will be a long road ahead, and I won't be able to just sit there and let things happen. I'll have to make things happen. In a way, it's very exciting. In another way, it's very nerve-racking.

I think there's always fear of failure. Then maybe there's also that fear of success, too.

Then again, there's fear itself.

This coming year, I'd like to pledge to myself to be rid of my own fears and self-doubts, to fully embrace my achievements and to fully charge ahead, to know that while I can't predict the future, I can certainly trust myself and do my best and let the experiences take me places. Maybe this book will succeed; maybe it won't. But damn it, I'm going to enjoy this experiece.

Then there's something called "Life."

And here are my resolutions and wishes for 2006:

On a more global level:
  • The Iraq War would end and our troops return home to their loved ones
  • Congress would start acting responsibly and working for the people, and not only for select interest groups
  • Congress would stop mucking with medicare and social security, and start taking care of the elderly and those who are truly in need
  • America would mend its relationship with the rest of the world and gain back its credibility and earn back the people's trust; the world will start to respect the Americans again
  • End poverty, hunger, AIDS, and global warming

On a personal level:

  • Devote myself in marketing and publicizing The Pacific Between (get myself more radio and TV interviews, reviews, etc.)
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Be less harsh on myself and stop being a fuddy-duddy. Dammit, I am a published novelist and should be proud of myself
  • Finish my second book -- good or bad, I need to finish it
  • Continue to get published: short stories, essays, poetry, etc.
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Get in better shape; eat healthier; exercise more
  • Give more
  • Live life and be happy


Dawno said…
Great resolutions - especially the personal ones - yes, you are a novelist and a good one. By the way, you've been reviewed :-) and maybe two or three people who don't already know about you from AW will actually read it. (I'm thinking about how to get it tagged so it might intice more readers).

Now you'd better write another book because I want to read it...well, get to it!
Merry Christmas, Ray! Great resolution list. I see Behler put up part of my review. ;) The entire review is in my blog and will be published in January. Yes, you are a published author, and a very good one, at that!

I'm looking forward to book #2.
Elaine Lincoln said…
A good start to the new year. I believe you'll have another great year!
Ray Wong said…
oh the pressure! book 2? what book 2?

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