The LA Film Critics Award

The results are in. The LA Film Critics Association has picked this year's winners. The award officially kicked off annual award season. In a year when mainstream goes conservative and is filled with lame big studio films, the Indies really shine. The LACA heavily favors Independent films this year. I'm fortunate to have seen most of the winning films.

Best Picture - Brokeback Mountain (Focus)
Best Director - Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain)
Best Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote)
Best Actress - Vera Farmiga (Down to the Bone)
Best Supporting Actor - William Hurt (A History of Violence)
Best Supporting Actress - Catherine Keener (Capote)
Best screenplay - (Tie) Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) and Dan Futterman (Capote)
Best Foreign Film - Caché (Hidden) by Michael Haneke
Best Documentary - Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog
Best Animated Feature - Wallace & Gromit:The Curse ofthe Were-Rabbit
Best score - Howl's Moving Castle (Joe Hisaishi)
Best Cinematography - Robert Elswit (Good Night and Good Luck.)
Best Production Design - William Chang Suk-Ping (2046)


Dawno said…
I'm looking forward to seeing Capote. I'll probably have to wait for it to get to cable - the SO isn't interested.
Ray Wong said…
Has your SO read In Cold Blood? If he has, he'd probably be interested in the story behind the writing of the book, even if he's not a writer... Anyway, I highly recommend it. It's very riveting, and Capote was such a fascinating character.
Dawno said…
No, he hasn't read it. I did ages ago. I've read quite a bit of Capote - starting with Grass Harp back when I was a teen.

Maybe if I agree to see Wallace & Gromit with him he'll see Capote with me. But now I don't know what to bargain for Shopgirl with. Did you see Shopgirl? What did you think? - ping me over on my site or AW when you answer so I'll get back over here more quickly. :-)
Ray Wong said…
Wallace and Gromit is delightful! You should see it. I also saw Shopgirl -- it's okay, not too bad. What to bargain... hmmm... how about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang... I think that's a movie both your SO and you could enjoy.
Dawno said…
Thanks for the advice. I think our next movie will be Narnia - we can both agree on that one.

Word verification is "joepdf" that actually makes sense, kind of. I'm picturing the guy over at Adobe who does all the enhancements to their Reader software..."Hi there, Joe PDF, how's that carpal tunnel treatment coming along?"
Ray Wong said…
Joe PDF... love it.

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