MEME -- 15 things about books

I've just been memed by Matt. Bastige. OK, the meme is: list 15 personal facts or preferences about books. Fifteen? Did I tell you I don't read that much?


OK, here you go:

1. I dislike hardcovers. I don't like the fact that I can't really lie in bed and curl the pages and snuggle with the book. The covers are so stiff, and it's hard to hold the book when I'm lying in bed or flip the pages. I also don't like dealing with the cover jackets but if I take them off, I'll lose or ruin them. Besides, paperbacks are so much cheaper.

2. I don't usually read books more than once. However, there are times when I just LOVE the book -- the characters are so vivid and the story touches me so much -- that I want visit the book again, time to time. Very few books made me feel that way.

3. I've read Jurassic Park 4 times.

4. I have about ten Stephen King novels, but I never finished one.

5. I read mostly mainstream novels, some thrillers and mystery, and a lot of non-fiction.

6. All these years... I have just discovered bargain half-price book stores. I could get a pretty recent $16.95 book for $4.99. Groovy.

7. I love touching a book, and the look and feel and typefaces and paper texture of a book really turn me on... Not much into smelling them, though.

8. I am a slow reader. It's hard for me to get into a book -- I usually stall at about chapter 5. If the book doesn't grab me by Chapter 5, I will usually give up. If, however, I get through the hump, and the story really gets me going, I usually don't like to put the book down. I like to keep reading until my eyes could open no more. The only exception was John Grisham's A Painted House -- I couldn't get into it at first. I gave it five or six tries, and gave up. Then a few days later I picked it up again and "forced" myself to read it, then I was hooked by page 60 or so!

9. I've been known to stay up all night and all day to finish reading a book.

10. My first book was a Winnie the Pooh picture book, I believe. I was 2 years old. The first English word I remember learning was "Mountain," from a picture book -- I was 3 years old.

11. I haven't read any work of fiction from the age of 17 to 25. I haven't been to a public library since college.

12. I hate those cheaply made, jaggedly cut book club hardcovers they sell for $25.

13. Although English is not my first language, my first "real" book (not picture books) was written in English and I've been reading in English ever since.

14. I tend to read more male authors than female. The four books on my night stand now were all written by men.

15. I'm very picky when it comes to books, just because I have so many books already and I'm such a slow reader. I have a backlog of books to read. So it's not unusual that I go to a book store and browse for a few hours and come home with nothing.

I'm now tagging Mac and Joanne.


emeraldcite said…
I've also read Jurassic Park three or four times. It was a good book. I also liked Sphere. Crichton does some good stuff. His newer stuff is getting away from cool theory.

His novels seemed to have turned more toward the Dan Brown school of writing. Very sad.
Ray Wong said…
I agree. I read Timeline and couldn't believe it was the same Crichton. I mean, the first 1/3 was pretty cool and intense but then it turned into a medieval mess. Very disappointing (the movie was even worse!).
Dawno said…
Since I've been a hard core SF reader for about 40 years I have to really switch gears to enjoy Crichton. When I approach it as adventure/escapist 'fluff' I do better. His latest book, State of Fear, got a lot of people riled up - have you read it yet?
Love this MEME tag, Ray. Already posted my 15 items last night before I went to bed. ;)
paintbrushpoet said…
I think you need to finish those Steven King books! Paint
emeraldcite said…
I liked some things about Timeline, but I hadn't read any of C.'s new stuff, so it had some nice adventure, but really wasn't up to snuff.

I haven't read State of Fear, but my best friend of 20 years who is a diehard fan of C's doesn't like it.
Unique said…
Pretty brave stuff to admit there, Ray. like: "Did I tell you I don't read that much?" Blaspheme!

"I have just discovered bargain half-price book stores." LOL! I won't say anything else - it would be mean. *wink*

But I won't be mad at you because of this: "I am a slow reader." I'll just send you some of my 'speedread' brainwaves instead; deal?

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